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Our M&A transactions services team specialise in the acquisition and disposal and financing of elite clubs in national leagues – including major soccer, football and basketball clubs as well as the financing of stadiums and entertainment venues. Our expertise extends to both asset operation and development financing of stadiums, music venues and supporting real estate, leisure and infrastructure.

Financing and M&A

Our experienced M&A transactions service team and debt and capital markets team have direct relationships with the key stakeholders and decision-makers in the field of international sports. We are trusted M&A advisors for high-value transactions and have a working expertise in structured finance solutions.

Furthermore, we have experience arranging both co-investment equity, debt finance and refinancing on the global markets and we have access to many of the world’s largest active and strategic investors; on both the buy & sell-side, which include institutional investors, listed companies and private markets investors. We also provide objective assessments of current market conditions, asset valuations and cost of capital.

We have a proven track record and have been retained as an advisor to several Champions League football clubs.

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