Europe's Largest Infrastructure Conference for Pension Funds & Sovereign Wealth Funds

This flagship industry event is attended by institutional investors globally. Many pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurers, asset managers, investment banks and development banks participate in this prestigious conference. It is an event that brings together many of the world’s leading institutional capital allocators with industrial experts, leading operators and technical advisors in the sectors in which this firm has expertise.

The purpose of this event is to share knowledge and to achieve the best practices for capital allocations. This event has been attended by royalty, senior members of national governments and major business publications.

Institutional capital, with an AUM of over 3 trillion US dollars, is represented by investors at this conference.

You can register your interest to receive details of the next Stirling Infrastructure Conference which is Europe’s Largest Infrastructure Conference for Pension Funds or our roundtable discussions for capital allocators.


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Europe's Largest Infrastructure Conference

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