What We Do

We have a dedicated function supporting governments to better understand and evaluate the viability of small modular reactor (SMR) technology from commercial, environmental, and regulatory perspectives. The firm’s framework for advising on SMRs is focused on responsible investments and technologies which will benefit society and mitigate climate change risk. Our expertise is demonstrated through our network of market relationships and independent in-house thought leadership; in particular, our insight analysis is dedicated to evaluating the opportunities and risks of SMR technologies for the future energy mix and commercial and government investment.

Our Expertise

Our finance team, which has interests in nuclear technologies, provides services to support and advise governments on actions to consider when running tendering processes for nuclear power and technologies. We also have established relationships with stakeholders who are responsible for providing support mechanisms to new SMR projects as part of their commitments to decarbonising their power sectors. As a firm, we understand that there is a deficit of knowledge surrounding nuclear power, and we offer support for government officials to ask the right questions about adopting nuclear power.

Our expertise is focused on energy security, and our analysis is weighted towards government concerns surrounding specific technologies, regulatory concerns, and waste management. We consider the potential for nuclear power in a variety of geographical regions, taking into consideration its role as part of the total energy mix, and its contributions to energy security and a lower carbon economy. Our services are tailored to support each client’s requirements as part of a responsible investment strategy into the nuclear power sector and supporting an effective tendering process.

Insight Papers