About Us

What We Do

Stirling Infrastructure Partners is a leading boutique investment bank headquartered in London. We specialise in providing services to the energy, natural resources, infrastructure, real estate and advanced technologies sectors.

Our Values

We believe that high quality investment opportunities, where Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) risks have been mitigated and well managed, will yield attractive long-term returns. In general, we do not act as advisors on any transactions where our research team has identified material conflicts with the principles of ESG including but not limited to deforestation, biodiversity damage, the creation of harmful waste, child labour, modern slavery, evidence of bribery and corruption and employee and stakeholder discrimination.

Further, we actively favour transactions which promote the ESG agenda such as supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, technology and energy developments targeting a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and projects aligned with the energy transition. In general, we support the promotion of human rights, workplace safety, diversity, and the promotion of board and management quality, financial reporting and stakeholder governance. Our ESG objectives include investment in people and projects that can improve lives, enhancing performance and efficiency through the use of digital technology.

Our Relationships

We understand that investments go beyond generating returns. Environmental, social and corporate governance targets and requirements are always a high priority when we choose who we work with. As such, we have built strong working relationships with ethically minded asset managers, institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds and listed companies around the globe who share our values and trust in our expertise.

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