Capital Raising

What We Do

Stirling Infrastructure provides tailored advice regarding the allocation of capital. We emphasise our understanding of our client’s portfolios and take care to assess their preferences. We offer services to a range of companies including insurers, pension funds, and sovereign wealth funds. For each client, risks are examined, requirements can be addressed, and a unique set of investment strategies is devised.

Direct Investments

Specialising in the infrastructure and alternatives asset sectors, we are well positioned to work with project sponsors assisting them in achieving their capital raising targets and supplying low-cost capital. We conduct due diligence on each project ensuring that we have a comprehensive understanding of the returns structure and the maturity of projects to adequately structure the financing of our client’s projects.

Indirect Investments

Our team also offers services to funds looking to raise capital. With access to a large network of asset managers and funds combined with our due diligence processes, we have a successful history in capital raising.

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