Asset Financing


We help companies to access the capital assets at a lower up-front cost which in turn helps manage the borrower’s liquidity and risk, be tax efficient and practice capital optimisation.

Our operations and expertise extend to being a financier and advisor in asset finance. We offer direct lease, sale and leaseback, and refinancing for many assets including the following:

International Connections

With a global network of over 1,500 institutional investors and market participants we have access to diversified sources of capital. As a trusted advisor, we raise capital from a diverse range of debt providers on the international markets.

Our Solutions

We structure the leasing contract that best fits the lessee’s objectives and requirements. Our team can offer a range of financing options with a variety of tenors and flexible payment options.

Industry Knowledge

Our extensive industry knowledge allows us to understand the challenges faced by different lessees. We work closely with the lessees and help to identify the most needed financing solution that could help the client continue to grow its business and borrow at competitive terms.

Tax and Legal Advice

Our team has strong relationships with reputable, regional and international legal and tax advisors to support the tax and legal structuring of the facility if required.

We provide clients with full guidance on the structure of the leasing contract. We design contracts based on clients’ requirements and provide flexible options at the end of the agreement period. Stirling Infrastructure does not provide tax/legal advice.

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