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We advise and arrange structured debt, equity, and refinancing for the acquisition of real estate operational assets and new development schemes. Furthermore, we also advise on the purchase and sale of real estate portfolios to institutional investors in the following segments of the real estate market:

Commercial Offices

In primary and secondary international gateway cities. Locations: North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australasia.


5 and 4 star premium hotels or a portfolio of such hotels located in primary and secondary international gateway cities. Not leisure resort destinations. Locations: North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia.

Student Accommodation

New builds or developed assets. Locations: Europe and North America.

Private Rental Sector (PRS)

Residential schemes or portfolios that are new builds or developed and operational assets, typically not less than 100 units, with no upper limit. Locations: Europe, North America and Asia.

Logistic Assets

Including storage and warehousing in strategic locations with long-term investment-grade tenants. Locations: Europe and North America.

Funding and Debt Structure

Our real estate team works closely with institutional investors. These investors can forward fund or will co-invest with developers and real estate owners that have a proven track record in delivering projects with reliable and stable income streams. We advise on structured credit solutions for both senior and mezzanine debt. To find out more about these services, see our capital allocation page.

In some markets, we can secure special rates that national government-supported institutions can provide on terms not generally available from the commercial lending markets. This type of financing is only available where there is a government strategy to develop certain types of qualifying real estate.

Our Requirements

The minimum size debt facility is typically not less than 50 million USD, with no upper limit. For the debt or refinancing of high-value residential and commercial schemes, we can involve multiple lenders to structure a syndicated loan.

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