Multilateral Development Banks and Export Credit Agencies

What We Do

Our operations extend to include operations with development banks and export credit agencies. We have expertise in dealing with such institutions and are able source competitive debt financing.

Infrastructure Finance

Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) and Export Credit Agency (ECA) roles are distinctive and different to commercial lenders, institutional lenders and other sources of available credit.

MDBs have goals to advance the development of new and existing infrastructure, thereby reducing economic inequality. Due to MDBs being government-supported institutions, they provide a higher level of legal security and assurance that provides investors with the confidence to join and finance transactions.

The ECA’s role is to support exports from the country the ECA represents into foreign jurisdictions. An ECA can offer an exporter or importer competitive debt financing and insurance terms to facilitate a transaction. Typically, such favourable conditions and lending terms would not be available from commercial lenders in the market.

Our MDB and ECA Services

We work with Multilateral Development Banks and Export Credit Agencies globally. Our professional services include:

  • Advice to project sponsors on which MDB and/or ECA to approach based on the MDBs and ECAs lending criteria for financing infrastructure projects.
  • Preparation of supporting material and advice to the project sponsor in how to present the project it seeks debt finance for in a manner for it to qualify for financing from the MDB and/or ECA.
  • Securing the most competitive terms and lowest cost of capital possible for the project sponsor.

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