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The global growth of the railway market and the funding gap is expected to increase. Railway companies, franchisees and nationally owned railway companies will continue to replenish and upgrade their rolling stock. Furthermore, more countries are sanctioning the building of new routes to meet the increasing demand for alternative and efficient forms of public transport.


We provide the following practical financial structured solutions for the leasing of rolling stock:

Direct Lease

We offer direct lease financial solutions on rolling stock that is new or less than twenty years old. On behalf of the Lessee, we source competitive market terms for the lease of the rolling stock to the Lessee from the institutional markets. The lease agreement would typically be structured as an operating lease which reduces the upfront deposit required from the Lessee.

Sale and Leaseback

We arrange the sale and leaseback of rolling stock. The operator can sell its existing rolling stock to the institutional market, and the same stock will be leased back to the rail operator. This can release funds for the operator to allocate capital more efficiently.


Our team also arranges the refinancing and equity co-investments for rolling stock.

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