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We are specialists in raising capital in the infrastructure asset class as well as for other alternatives.

Our analysts assess a fund’s strategy, appraise its investment management and review documentation through a due diligence process to form an opinion on fund capital raises. All capital raise requests by asset managers are benchmarked against the performance of other comparable funds and a range of in-house KPIs. Analysts present their findings to our investment board, composed of infrastructure executives with substantial investment experience.

Our investment board meet to discuss proposals and accept mandates that meet the capital allocation requirements of institutional investors.

Fund Selection

The volume of asset managers offering infrastructure funds for investment has continued to increase as this asset class becomes of greater interest to LPs. However, from the wide range of funds available in the market, our analysis helps to identify the most appropriate funds and projects for investment.

This analysis is fundamental to determining whether one is making a well-informed investment decision. With so many funds, it is challenging to differentiate between the funds. LPs will benefit in working with us as we can independently support them to:

  • Distinguish between different strategies across all Asset Managers
  • Shortlist the managers and fund strategies that meet the LP’s risk and return profile
  • Explain the risks in the investment strategy between funds
  • Understand and explain the liquidity constraints of the LP’s interest in the fund
  • Understand the fees charged by the Asset Manager and penalties that will be incurred upon leaving the fund
  • Understand the fund’s ESG policies, whether they are measurable, and how they fit with the LP’s ESG requirements
  • Run an objective process to select the most appropriate Asset Manager and fund

We are a specialist infrastructure advisory firm to institutional investors. The firm has developed proven systems and methodologies to support an LP through the selection process.

LP Valuations

Our team offers both fund managers and LPs a fair market valuation of the whole fund and of each LP’s interest at a given point in time. The process takes into consideration a series of factors to determine a fair valuation including analysing actual and projected cash flows, assessing the cost of capital, appraising assumptions made by the General Partner, assessing risks, and benchmarking the fund against valuations of comparable funds.

LP Divestiture

If an LP seeks to divest its stake in the GP’s fund, we offer the following professional services:

  • Advising on the liquidity of the stake held by the LP on the secondary market.
  • Assessing whether a discount or a premium should be applied to the sale of the stake in the secondary market.
  • Explaining the fees the LP will incur if it seeks to leave the GP’s fund before the end of the duration of the fund.
  • Navigating and advising on the process for the successful disposal and transfer of the LP interest.

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