What We Do

We offer M&A services operating on both the buy-side and sell-side of infrastructure transactions. Acting as more than just a go-between, our transactions team holds subject matter expertise, conducting detailed appraisals of assets and engaging with clients to discuss, explain and understand valuations.

Company Divestments

Our transactions team works collaboratively with clients thoroughly inspecting assets and companies that are the subjects of transactions, understanding and appraising them. Based on our market analysis, benchmarks and in-house information, we discuss our findings on the subject and provide a guide valuation within a range that our transaction team considers feasible.

We promote transactions to relevant and interested parties internationally. With a large network and access to a wide range of investors, we are able to shortlist a range of preferred buyers of the assets based on our due diligence from the offers received. Once a preferred buyer has been agreed with the seller, our team will run the entire process through to the successful disposal of the asset.

Company Acquisitions

Our transactions team works closely with our infrastructure subsector groups who have direct market relationships by sector and geographies together with our research team. We originate transactions for clients that are seeking to acquire suitable investments that would accelerate growth, improve margins, or acquire strategic assets as part of a longer-term integration plan. Our analysts can identify targets that:

  • Are proven, but relatively early in their growth cycle. Such targets can be scaled up and would integrate well into the client’s current operations or into the assets owned by our clients.
  • Are under-performing or can be scaled up more rapidly by our client. This may include providing an equity injection to grow the business, improving the target company’s cash flows, restructuring the company’s capital structure, or a change of management and a revision of its business plan.
  • Offer a strategic advantage to enter a new market or subsector, by using the incumbent company’s brand presence, patents, and contracts as a basis to expand and gain market share.

We have practical, working experience in advising our clients on asset valuation, acquisition, and disposals of infrastructure assets. We advise on infrastructure transactions in both OECD and non-OECD markets.

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